Guilty As Charged

by Brendan Shoreland



This is an epically delayed response to the Live Aid concert in July 1985.

I wrote the song in 1993. It may be old, but I think it is still unfortunately relevant. Today, we grow enough food to feed EVERYONE on the planet. Some people, for political or avaricious reasons, choose not to.


A small boy gazed at me, from the other side of my TV screen.
Beneath his feet sun baked blistering dust; above him, a cruel blue sky.
The narrator said that he was starving and might not survive the night.
I wondered how it felt to have flies crawl across my lips and eyes.

I should have had a strong desire to reach into my pocket,
but the young boy seemed so hopeless; I was so far away.
I didn’t have any desire to interfere in his fate.
If that makes me cold and heartless then I’m guilty as charged.

All I could see in the little boy’s eyes was a dignified acceptance.
Death was close and all around; he heard and felt its call.
The narrator said that I should feel responsible for keeping him alive,
but the task seemed too enormous for my simple, modest life.


The next day I discovered that the little boy had died.
I wished his soul good fortune in its journey along the way.
The narrator said that it’s important to support such a worthwhile cause.
I switched off my TV and got on with the rest of my day.



released May 1, 2021
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by David Walton.


all rights reserved



Brendan Shoreland Plymouth, UK

Creativity arises at the confluence of experience and personality. I have always hoped that my songs can help people who are stuck ... like I was. People who are lost ... like I was. I understand music to be something that gets beneath the surface and speaks of clarity and authenticity. With the lyrics, I look for metaphors and parables that chime and occasionally gently nudge. I hope you enjoy. ... more

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