by Brendan Shoreland




What is wrong, what is right? Giving up or run into the fight?
All the struggles, disputing thoughts in lonesome nights.
When darkness surrounds you everything becomes a brighter light.

But then he gets that feeling of warm arms wrapped around him.
While he dreams of her and knows she'll catch him if he falls.

Going on, let it go? Facing the challenge or say no?
Torn the mind, splitting up in desperate woe.
When the waters take you every grain becomes the shore of hope.

And then she gets that feeling of warm arms wrapped around her
while she dreams of him and knows he'll catch her if she falls.

Tell his thoughts? - Let him know? Troubling waters that might be still?
So far away, and yet as close as hearts can be.
When an ocean lies between you put on the vests and start to swim.

And then you'll get that feeling of warm arms wrapped around you
while you make your dreams come true and catch each other's fall.


released July 30, 2016
Words by Marieluise Niehus
Music by David Walton


all rights reserved



Brendan Shoreland Plymouth, UK

Brendan Shoreland, also known as David Walton, grew up surrounded by the music of Gilbert & Sullivan, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Steeleye Span. He has based his musical development on that heady mix ever since.

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